Kelly’s Top 10 Creativity Tips

You asked for it! Here they are! My top 10 Creativity Tips

Post YOUR tip in the comments section to be entered into a drawing for a free 15 minute coaching session with me by phone; 3 lucky winners will be selected!

#10. Sleep with a pen and paper beside your bed to record night time revelations.

#9. Write at the same time every day so that your muse can meet you there.

#8. When you feel uninspired, make a collage about what writing means to you, why you write, or your story.

#7. Record your dreams, even the ones that don’t make sense.

#6. Instruct your subconscious mind to give you good ideas and good plots. Say something like, “Subconscious, tomorrow give me an idea for a new story.” Then get ready to receive!

#5. Always trust your creative hunches. That is your subconscious mind communicating with you.

#4. Leave your computer on at night. Any time you wake up, go to it and write something (anything!).

#3. Surround yourself with green. There is a documented link between the color green and the mind going into an alpha wave state, which is conducive to creativity.

#2. Look into a mirror and state your biggest goal as if it were already a reality. This gives you the motivation to persist and programs your subconscious at the same time.

#1. Visualize yourself every day as a talented, creative, goal directed person, and you will manifest it.

Now, what’s your favorite creativity tip (either one of these or one I didn’t mention)? Leave a comment and be entered into the drawing to win a free 15 minute phone consultation with me. 3 winners will be selected.

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14 Responses to Kelly’s Top 10 Creativity Tips

  1. Cinthia Hamer says:

    Good morning, Kelly! My favorite isn’t on the list. It is laying down to nap with my arm straight up in the air and letting my subconscious tell me what it wants to do. And the pendulum thing is great as well, although I tend to get confused messages from it! :-)

  2. Cheryl says:

    # 10 – I always keep pen and paper close to write notes on ideas that come to me – especially when I am going to sleep.

    But I’m tempted now to repaint my office green! ;)

  3. I didn’t know that about green and creativity. Now, I’m really glad that my bedroom is painted a very pale green, and this is where I write. I love these tips! Thanks

  4. Elke Feuer says:

    Hi Kelly,

    Great tips! I keep note cards in my purse (along with a notepad) that say:

    You are a writer
    You will be published
    You can do what you need to write when you need to
    You don’t have to write like others

    Whenever I feel down about what I’ve written or uninspired those cards lift me up.

  5. Pamela says:

    I love them all, but this one has worked for me more than once: #5. Always trust your creative hunches. That is your subconscious mind communicating with you.

    Little ideas that start as sparks eventually explode.

  6. Jessica Naccari says:

    I think my favorites are number five and number three! Actually, I don’t know if I can pick one favorite because I also like to keep a paper and pen near my bed. These are all great!

  7. Thanks to everyone who stopped by yesterday! The 3 winners of the free 15 minute coaching session are: Cheryl, Elke, and Pamela!

    Congrats, ladies. Contact me privately for more instructions.